Mechanical keyboard build

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but never got round to. I was initially going to design my own PCB, but sadly A level exams are a thing, and I just wanted a quick project. Switches and LEDs fitted to plate and soldered to PCB Half dressed… Finished. The keycaps are […]

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Modelling flight time

My latest project is building a small, fast, 250-class quadcopter. Since it’s designed to be light and agile, keeping weight down is an essential part of the build. A lot of the total weight (~1/4)  of the quad comes from the battery, so choosing the right size is a major decision. I decided to model the flight […]

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My latest project has been to build my own Quadcopter.   I spent a while researching in late 2015, got some parts for Christmas, and have been building since. As you can see from the costings graph above, my main expense was the RC transmitter, as I decided to go for one that supports telemetry. For a […]

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Control Panel

Just a fun weekend project; a control panel for my laptop (back in my Windows days). It can open applications; cut, copy and paste text; switch and close windows; run a demo; as well as turn off the computer.

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Clap Clock

Recently I was given an old CD player that wasn’t needed anymore. I decided to hack the electronics, and turn it into a clock (because what else would you turn an old CD player into?). I attached an LCD screen to the CD tray to display the time, and wired it up to an arduino. I had […]

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Electronics course in Southampton

Last week I attended a Computing and Micro-electronics course at Southampton university. We worked in teams of 5 to build a completely autonomous robot capable of fetching blocks and taking them home to base, navigating and spotting blocks by means of a webcam. The video above shows my team’s robot in the competition at the […]

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My IoT Chessboard got featured in the MagPi (the official Raspberry Pi magazine)! So chuffed! You can check it out here.

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IoT chess board software

Though I have completed all the hardware of my IoT chess board, I am still in the process of developing the software for it. An Arduino MEGA sits underneath the board and controls the hardware, while a Raspberry Pi runs a webserver and takes care of the processing. Therefore the software development comes in three […]

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