About me


Hi, I’m Ben.

This is my blog. You can check out my portfolio/personal website at benjames.io

I love anything to do with technology – hardware or software alike. I currently study Engineering at Cambridge University.

As a freelance writer, I’ve held contracts with The Register, The StackOverflow Blog, and Hackaday.com. I’ve also written for Devclass, and dev.to.

I hope you enjoy reading about my projects/general-tech-ramblings.

Feel free to say hi on LinkedIn, or via my contact page.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Ben,

    My name is Steven Carton and I work for Dorling Kindersley books. I would love to pick your brains about an upcoming project we’re working on that we could use some help on.

    Could you email me as soon as possible and I can tell you more about it?

    All the best,

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